Bradley Colten, guitar
photo: Simon Powis

“Colten’s playing is both pristine and virtuosic.” – Al Kunze, Soundboard Magazine

Technically immaculate, caring, and gorgeously engineered performances.” (Artistic Quality: 10, Sound Quality: 10) – Jed Distler, Classics Today

“[Colten’s] interpretation is a rich blend of refinement and heartfelt communication … dramatic flair and virtuosic playing.” – Paula Edelstein,

“Bradley’s performance of the guitar works of Ernst Bacon was brilliant, and his telling, between pieces, of the story behind the music made for a particularly riveting evening. This repertoire is a significant discovery, made all the more compelling by Bradley’s beautiful playing and his sharing of the long process of unearthing it. The capacity crowd loved it, and clearly wanted more.” – John Olson, NYC Guitar Society President

“Bradley Colten’s impeccable playing is masterful, pure, always with feeling”  – Richard Carter, The Examiner

Bradley Colten, guitar
Warming up at New England Guitar Society

“Colten’s playing is thoughtful and exacting … always with a good sense of phrasing and musicality. He is great at building up tension toward destinations and climaxes.” – Bradford Werner, This is Classical Guitar

“Electrifying, reflective, and always engaging … a mix of sensuality and thoughtful elegance.” – Paul Cesarczyk, Guitar Review (Regarding Arc Duo’s Carnegie Hall Debut)

“A young award winner that could easily take his place next to Chris Parkening and others of that ilk, Colten serves up stellar listening for a Sunday afternoon where he takes an acoustic guitar places you never imagined while still staying within the realm of solo, classical guitar. Winning stuff throughout.”
Midwest Record

“Bradley Colten gave a splendid lecture & performance at SUNY Stony Brook. He played with exquisite sound and phrasing, spoke eloquently, and brought to light the exceptional guitar works of Ernst Bacon.” – Jerry Willard, Artist-in-Residence Guitar Faculty – SUNY Stony Brook